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Automated Molecular Diagnosis

Automation is crucial for routine molecular analysis of infectious agents. Automated solutions reduce hands-on time and increase the reliability of results by avoidance of handling errors and contamination.
Molzym’s solutions integrate automated processes for extraction and purification of pathogen DNA from clinical samples into a complete system for PCR or Real-Time PCR testing of bacteria and fungi. The systems supplied greatly reduce the hands-on time for isolation of pathogen DNA. Also, Molzym supplies ideal instrumental tools for contained processing of samples with a great reduction in risk of contamination and thus with an increase in reliability of results.

Product components:


  • Semi-automation CE IVD – After manual MolYsis™ enrichment of pathogens from whole blood and other sterile body fluids, tissues and swabs, SelectNA™ continues with the extraction and purification of microbial DNA in an automated way.
  • Full automation - SelectNA™plus automates all processes of human DNA removal, pathogen enrichment, microbial DNA extraction and isolation.


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