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NGSeq 16S V3/V4

Amplicon PCR for 16S library preparation - For Illumina® MiSeq system 

 NGSeq Ausschnitt







  •  For 16S metagenomic sequencing
  •  Free of microbial DNA contaminations
  •  Highly active hot start Taq polymerase
  •  Ultra-sensitive amplification of bacterial DNA
  •  Up to 40 cycles for deeper sequencing results

The NGSeq 16S V3/V4 is an ultra-clean master mix for the amplification of eubacterial DNA with universal primers targeting the V3/V4 region of the 16S rRNA gene. The primers include the adaptor sequences suitable for the library preparation for 16S metagenomic sequencing with the Illumina® MiSeq system. The sequences are based on “16S Metagenomic Sequencing Library Preparation” [1] and combinable with the indices for sequencing on the Illumina® MiSeq system. 


NGSeq Schema

Fig.1: Schematic drawing of 16S Amplicon PCR using NGSeq 16S V3/V4  


The NGSeq 16S V3/V4 contains everything necessary to quickly perform the Amplicon PCR and thus the first stage of the 16S library preparation [1]. The microbial DNA-free reagents offer the possibility to run up to 40 cycles for a higher and more sensitive amplification. Sequencing of contaminations from reagents is prevented allowing a representative view into the bacterial community. Optional real-time PCR can be used to check samples prior to sequencing.

To get a better impression of the benefit, please read either the following blog post or this poster presented at the ECCMID 2018 in Madrid.  

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NGSeq 16S V3/V4

Master mix for preparation of 16S rRNA gene amplicons for Illumina® MiSeq system

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MolYsis™ kits enrich the microbial DNA through a degradation of host DNA and are free of contaminating DNA. Less reads can be used for deep sequencing of the bacterial community because only few reads will account for the host DNA background. Validated for a wide range of liquid specimens and culture.

The MolYsis™ technology is also available as automated solution with the MolYsis-SelectNA™plus kit operated on the SelectNA™plus instrument.


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High quality microbial DNA-free water ideally suited for molecular microbiology applications and as negative control. 


[1] 16S Metagenomic Sequencing Library Preparation; Part # 15044223 Rev.B; https://support.illumina.com/documents/documentation/chemistry_documentation/16s/16s-metagenomic-library-prep-guide-15044223-b.pdf


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