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Standard PCR Reagents

MolTaq  Benefits:
  • Highly active Taq DNA polymerases
  • Suitable for Real-Time PCR
  • Ready-to-use mastermixes
  • Stained PCR reagents for safe pipetting and direct gel loading available
  • PCR enhancer for GC-rich and difficult templates

Molzym’s high quality products for daily routine PCRs comprise a variety of highly active Taq DNA polymerases. The products suit all applications of PCR and Real-Time PCR assays. MolTaq products serve in analyses of SNPs, human, animal and plant genetic markers, molecular epidemiology, molecular ecology as well as animal and plant breeding, food and water quality control, sequencing reactions and gene expression studies.

MolTaq is a highly processive, thermostable Taq DNA polymerase with 5’-3’ exonuclease activity useful for research and routine PCR. Products are available supplying buffer with or without magnesium (1.5mM final concentration). Red dye-containing products, MolTaqRED and MolTaqRED basic support easy gel loading and exclusion of pipetting errors by visualisation of the PCR solution.


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