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    Micro-Dx™ CE IVD

    Automation in Routine Molecular
    Pathogen Diagnosis

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    DNA-free PCR Reagents

    Contamination-Free PCR
    Master Mixes and Assays

  • Slider - SepsiTest™-UMD CE IVD

    SepsiTest™-UMD CE IVD

    Unbiased 16S/18S PCR Diagnosis
    of Hundreds of Pathogens

  • Slider - MolYsis™


    Human DNA Depletion for
    Improved Molecular Pathogen Detection


Find any bacteria or fungi in clinical material even at low loads without cultivation. Molzym’s pathogen enrichment and contamination-free reagents boost molecular diagnosis to unknown precision.

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Life Science

Discover Molzym’s expertise in the supply of contamination-free reagents for the extraction of bacterial and fungal DNA, development of Real-Time PCR assays and deep NGS analysis of microbiomes.

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Clinical Diagnostics

Our IVD products enable the broad-range identification of pathogens by 16S and 18S rRNA gene sequencing. Just one protocol, manual or automated, serves the diagnosis of a great variety of specimens.

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Benefit from our long years’ experience in reagent decontamination and assay setup for precise and background-free molecular analysis of microorganisms in clinics, pharma QC and sterility testing.


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    SelectNA™plus - Unique walk-away robotic pathogen enrichment and DNA extraction for contamination-free sample processing.

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  • SepsiTest-BLAST - new link

    SepsiTest™-BLAST is back online
    Our sequence analysis software is now available at the new URL: 
    https://www.sepsitest-blast.com. Please excuse any inconvenience!

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