Clinical Diagnostics

Clinical Diagnostic Products

Molzym’s CE-marked products for molecular in-vitro diagnosis of microbial pathogens enable precise identification of strains at the species level. Routine specimens are analysed by a single protocol.

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Molecular Pathogen Diagnosis

Since more than ten years, SepsiTest™-UMD CE IVD manifests its strength as a daily routine tool for the rapid and precise diagnosis of essentially all common and rare pathogens in clinical specimens.

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Automated Pathogen Diagnosis

Our automated microbial DNA extraction of clinical samples greatly reduces hands-on time and contamination risk in pathogen diagnosis. Micro-Dx™ integrates robotic solutions to precision diagnosis.

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Deep-Freeze Sample Storage

UMD-Tubes stand for deep-freeze preservation of your valuable samples under contamination-free conditions for optimal sample preparation following Molzym’s pathogen diagnostic kits.

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