Sequence Analysis Software - SepsiTest™-BLAST

A free online tool is available for the BLAST analysis of sequences of amplicons generated from positive Molzym tests. The library contains >7,000 high quality sequences of 16S and 18S rRNA genes.

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Characters and benefits:

  • More than 7,000 quality-checked sequences
  • Complete 16S and 18S rRNA gene sequences of bacteria and fungi
  • Easy sequence input by copy-paste or FASTA-file upload
  • Clear output of strain designation

Sequencing strategy

Molzym’s diagnostic tests – SepsiTest™-UMDUMD-SelectNA™ and Micro-Dx™ – are assays taking amplicon sequences as the ultimate approach to precision for species discrimination. Three sequencing primers are provided: SeqGP16, SeqGN16 and SeqYeast18. Amplicons from Assay MA Yeast are sequenced with SeqYeast18. For sequencing of amplicons from Assay MA Bac, SeqGP16 and SeqGN16 are used in separate reactions, binding to regions specific for Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Although SeqGN16 targets mainly Gram-negative bacteria and SeqGP16 mainly Gram-positive bacteria, both sequencing primers present exceptions. A few Gram-negative species will be detected by the SeqGP16 and some Gram-positive species will be detected by the SeqGN16. The exceptions of the sequencing primers are listed here: Exceptions of Sequencing Primers.


Molzym provides a free online tool, SepsiTest™-BLAST that aligns sequences of amplicons to quality-edited sequences and reads out the closest relationship to a species in the library. By using the tool, results are provided within seconds.

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For a fast overview and your search for particular organisms, we offer an alphabetical sorted list of all SepsiTest™-BLAST entries within an Excel file - download Excel file



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