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Molzym’s molecular research-use-only kits and reagents are designed for high-quality detection, identification and characterization of microorganisms in complex clinical biopsies and other specimens.

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MolYsis™ - Pathogen DNA Isolation

MolYsis™-based microbial DNA enrichment and extraction kits serve as best solutions for optimal analytic results. Kits are available for integration into validated in-house systems as well as complete isolation solutions.

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   Automated    Solutions

Molzym’s automated microbial DNA extraction solutions contribute to the precise molecular analysis of microorganisms by reduction of air-borne contamination and avoidance of handling errors.

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Next Generation Sequencing

Benefit from our solutions for microbiome analysis that distinctly increase depth of microbial reads in e.g. complex low load samples. Learn more about our microbial DNA extraction products for NGS applications.

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DNA-free PCR Reagents

A challenge of PCR analysis of pathogens are reagent-borne DNA contaminations. Molzym provides kits and 16S/18S assays whose reagents are quality-controlled free of contaminants while maintaining high amplification activity.

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Standard PCR Reagents

Molzym’s standard Taq DNA polymerase unfolds high quality measures for best amplification performance. Products are especially suited for daily routine applications in PCR analysis and assay development and optimization.

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