Clinical Diagnostics

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icon flyer SepsiTest UMD

Culture-Independent Molecular Diagnosis of Pathogens
icon flyer MicroDx
Culture-Independent Diagnosis by Innovative Automated Pathogen Enrichment and Broad-Range PCR and Sequencing 
icon flyer SelectNAplus
Robot for Automated Isolation of Microbial DNA from Clinical Samples 
icon flyer Add On10
Add-On Kit for the Extraction of Pathogen DNA for Volumes up to 10ml (SepsiTest™-UMD and UMD-SelectNA™ only)
Open list of microorganisms found in clinical and other specimens by sequencing
icon phylogeny prokaryotes
Phylogeny of prokaryotes identified by 16S rRNA gene sequencing analysis of DNA extracted from clinical and other materials by MolYsis™ technologies 

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