Clinical Diagnostics

Downloads: Product Flyers

 SepsiTest™-UMD (English)
 Culture-Independent Molecular Diagnosis of Pathogens
 SepsiTest™-UMD (German)
 Culture-Independent Molecular Diagnosis of Pathogens
 Micro-Dx™ CE IVD (English)
 Broad-Range MDx
 Micro-Dx™ CE IVD (German)
 Broad-Range MDx
 SelectNA™plus Technical Specifications (English)
 Instrument for automated host DNA depletion & microbial DNA isolation
 Add-On Kit for the Extraction of Pathogen DNA for Volumes up to 10ml (SepsiTest™-UMD and UMD-SelectNA™ only)

Downloads: Product Manuals

 SepsiTest™-UMD Manual (English)  V03
 SepsiTest™-UMD Short Manual (English)  V04
 Micro-Dx™ Manual (English)  V05
 Micro-Dx™ Short Manual (English)  V05


 Global Overview Flyer (English)  V01
 Global Overview Flyer (German)  V02
 Open list of microorganisms found in clinical and other specimens by sequencing                                                             March 2023
 Flyers Versions Overview  April 2024

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