Licensing Opportunities and OEM Manufacturing

Molzym offers opportunities for licensing of their patented technology of human DNA removal and microbial DNA extraction from complex matrices as well as DNA-free PCR reagents for assay development. Molecular identification of microbes directly in samples from the bloodstream and other body fluids requires various technologies to overcome current limitations in molecular diagnostics.

 service licensing

Applications and benefits:

  • Human DNA removal: enhancement of diagnostic sensitivity
  • Deeper sequencing: pre-treatment of samples as integral part of NGS systems
  • Accuracy: DNA-free reagents guarantee considerably less false positives
  • Food quality control
  • Human and animal health
  • Pharma production control
  • In-process control

Molzym possesses patents on nucleic acid extraction procedures known as ‘MolYsis™’. The technology describes the highly efficient removal of human DNA from complex clinical samples like primary sterile body fluids and tissues. Thereby, microorganisms and, after proprietary extraction, the microbial DNA are enriched (see details here). A long list of records exists that demonstrates the beneficial effect of microbial DNA preparation devoid of human DNA on assay performance. Applications are found in molecular detection of microbial sequences in various clinical and industrial areas.

So, what we can do is provide you with a fully evaluated extraction system that can be easily linked to analytical systems, including qualitative and quantitative Real-Time PCR tests, hybridisation-based assays, electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry and Next Generation Sequencing approaches. Decontaminated amplification reagents perfectly add to a highly accurate complete system of diagnosis. 



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