Mastermix Purification Service

A major problem of analysis of low microbial load samples is reagent contamination with bacterial and fungal DNA leading to false positive results. Our purification service solves this problem.
 service mm purification

Characters and benefits:

  • Reagents prepared free of bacterial and fungal DNA
  • Use of Molzym’s highly active hot start Taq DNA polymerase
  • Up to 40 amplification cycles without false signals from contaminants
  • Improved assay performance
  • Strict quality control – lot by lot
  • Formulas handled confidentially
  • High NGS resequencing quality

DNA-based molecular testing for the presence of pathogenic bacteria and fungi with relevance to health and quality control in biotechnology, pharma and environment is challenging because contaminated reagents allow only a limited number of PCR cyclings. This problem counteracts the sensitive detection of microorganisms at low loads as they many times prevail in their environments.

Molzym offers customized manufacturing of highly active master mixes decontaminated of microbial DNA which enables PCR or qualitative Real-Time PCR amplifications of up to 40 cycles and quantitative Real-Time PCR without false positives coming up (rate: <3 %). The assays are designed according to your specifications, in particular selection of primers and other reagent components. 

Our service starts with the setup of the specified assay in a small format without any further commitment. Only after your approval of the required quality in your laboratory and ordering, we will set up a production line of your assay. Manufacturing will follow Molzym’s strict quality control mechanisms. A quality control report will be delivered. Certainly, primer sequences and reagent formulas will be treated confidentially, if desired by signing a NDA.



Please contact us for more details about our mastermix purification service.

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