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Molzym - 15 Years Expertise in Molecular Diagnostics

15 June 2018

blog 100992353 s 15 142x142pxIn June 2003, Molzym started as a privately owned spin-off enterprise of the University of Bremen, North-West Germany. The mission was and still is the supply of specialised solutions for the precise molecular analysis of microorganisms with a strong focus on pathogenic bacteria and fungi in human diseases. Molzym’s developmental efforts led to a product portfolio that serves research in molecular microbiology and routine in-vitro diagnosis of microbial aetiologies of a great variety of diseases.

Molzym’s philosophy

Molzym’s philosophy is to support physicians with rapid results for an early treatment of infectious diseases like sepsis, meningitis, endocarditis, prosthetic joint, wound and other infections. Our approach is the development of novel methods for the detection of pathogens without the need of cultivation. The targeted diseases are caused by a large variety of microorganisms and therefore need a broad approach for diagnosis. Molzym supply solutions by their sequencing approach of species identification that covers all known infectious agents. Because pathogens generally occur at low loads in samples from sick patients, the focus of Molzym’s methods is directed to the isolation of even minute amounts of pathogen nucleic acids from clinical material and to the high precision of molecular analysis. On the basis of our proprietary technologies, production know-how of ultra clean reagents and experience from clinical trials, Molzym built up production lines that serve the molecular diagnosis of aetiological agents within hours instead of days by traditional culture methods. For this purpose, Molzym is at the front edge of modern molecular analytical techniques by supplying DNA-free reagents for the high performance of PCR, Real-Time PCR, DNA array and Next Generation Sequencing methods. Molzym believes that rapid diagnostic approaches can significantly contribute to encounter the threats of infections and save lives.

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Molzym’s success relies on the development of technologies on which the in-house production of kits and reagents for molecular microbiology research and molecular diagnostics are based. Molzym is a renowned specialist for the DNA extraction from difficult biological material like primary sterile fluid and tissue samples and the supply of ultra-pure research reagents. Molzym developed genuine know how on the purification of reagents for molecular analysis by PCR, Real-Time PCR, whole genome amplification and DNA array and automation of processes for nucleic acid extraction.

Reagents for research

Molzym’s product portfolio for molecular microbiology ranges from pre-analytical to kits to PCR reagents. DNA extraction kits are based on the proprietary, patented MolYsis™ technology for the removal of host and the enrichment of microbial DNA from whole blood, other body fluids and tissues. Molecular grade reagents comprise of ultra-clean, DNA-free Taq DNA polymerases, various DNA-free master mixes and Real-Time PCR assays, particularly for bacterial and fungal gene targets like the ribosomal RNA genes.

Products for in-vitro diagnosis

For routine in-vitro pathogen diagnosis, culture-independent PCR/Real-Time PCR kit, SepsiTest™-UMD combines the MolYsis™ microbial DNA extraction technology with universal 16S/18S rDNA detection and sequencing analysis. The semi-automated platform, SelectNA™ allows for the broad-range diagnosis of pathogens from small and large volume samples. The latest development, the walk-away, fully automated extraction system, SelectNA™plus purifies microbial DNA from fluid samples and tissue biopsies. The kit supplied with the robot, Micro-Dx™ is used for the diagnosis of bacterial and fungal pathogens.


Molzym constantly continue their developmental efforts in new technical solutions for molecular pathogen analysis. Molzym are always open to new collaborations and joint projects. The whole team is very much looking forward to meeting you at congresses and exhibitions or welcome you at the facility in Bremen for fruitful discussions and information exchange.

Molzym express their cordial thanks to all customers, distributors, collaborating institutes and companies for 15 years of faithful and successful business relationships!