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Difficult to Culture Bacterial Pathogens Rapidly Detected by NGS

27 January 2020

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The suspected causative pathogens could not be confirmed by routine culture in two cases, one of unconfirmed tuberculosis and one of suspected brucellosis. Gündoğdu et al. [1] successfully were able to detect the causative agents using nanopore-based metagenomic sequencing.

Peritoneal fluid and blood were rapidly processed by human DNA depletion and isolation of microbial DNA with MolYsis™ Complete5 kit (Molzym, Germany) followed by sequencing of the DNA on a MinION (Oxford Nanopore, UK) for 72 hours. The earliest runtime meeting the confident detection threshold was only after 20 minutes for Mycobacterium tuberculosis and after 30 minutes for Brucella melitensis. A high confidence level of detection at the species level was achieved within six hours

In conclusion, the molecular approach confirmed M. tuberculosis within a few hours where culture failed or shortened the turnaround time significantly where culture was positive for B. melitensis only after seven days.


[1] Gündoğdu A, Ulu-Kılıç A, Kılıç H, Nalbantoğlu OU (2019) Rapid detection of Difficult-to-Culture Bacterial Pathogens Using Real-time Nanopore Sequencing. Infect Dis Clin Microbiol 2019; 1 (3): 128-133.

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