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Overview of MolYsis™ Applications in Research

 29 May 2018

Applications of MolYsis™In human and animal samples, host DNA is present in vast excess to bacterial and fungal target DNA, decreasing the sensitivity and specificity of molecular analysis of the microbial DNA.

The MolYsis™ technology provides a solution to this problem by selectively removing the host DNA before extraction of microbial DNA.



Key features of MolYsis™:

• Depletion of non-target human or animal DNA

• Selective enrichment of bacteria and fungi

• Validated for a broad-range lysis of bacteria and fungi

• Contamination-free reagents and plastics

• Protocols for a variety of body fluids and tissue samples

• Manual and automated solutions available

The MolYsis™ technology can be used for diverse applications ranging from pathogen detection to microbiome studies and has been validated with more than 200 genera of bacteria (86 Gram-positives, 120 Gram-negatives) and 65 genera of fungi from the clinical routine. This application note summarizes clinical and other applications of MolYsis™ as regards diverse specimens and a variety of analytical methods.

Find out if MolYsis™ suits your research and download the full application note.

[1] Linow M (2018) Applications of MolYsis™ host DNA removal in culture-independent molecular analysis of bacteria and fungi. Res Mol Microbiol 1/18, 1-3.
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