PCR/Real-Time PCR assaying in research, diagnostics and industrial QC targeting microbial DNA demands highest quality standards. We offer custom services, certified labs and licensing opportunities.

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Mastermix Purification Service

An important factor determining optimal assay performance is the absence of reagent contamination. From our long years’ experience, Molzym provides a setup and decontamination service of master mixes.

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Sequence Analysis Software

Perform your 16S and 18S rDNA sequence analysis with the free online BLAST-tool, SepsiTest™ BLAST. It searches for matches of input sequences with a library of quality-controlled sequences.

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   Licensing    Opportunities

Make use of our excellent methods of host DNA removal from clinical and other specimens and decontamination know-how of PCR setups that boost assay sensitivity and specificity.

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List of Certified Laboratories

Accredited laboratories are available for the molecular in-vitro diagnosis of etiologies of infections according to 98/79 EC. Find here the list of selected German laboratories using Molzym’s CE IVD products.

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   Molzym    Workshops

One-day classes of theoretical and practical training are offered focussing on extraction of microbial DNA from clinical specimens and PCR analysis under contamination-free conditions and data interpretation.

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Material for Distributors

This site is dedicated to Molzym’s distributors where they find updated technical information, latest news on recent developments, training and promotional material. Access is granted by login.

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