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Automated Microbial DNA Enrichment and Extraction

Molzym provides a robotic platform and kits for the isolation of microbial DNA from experimental systems and clinical biopsies for molecular analysis. Hands-on time is greatly reduced and reagent-borne DNA contaminations excluded. 

Fully Automated Microbial DNA Extraction
SelectNA™plus Instrument
MolYsis-SelectNA™plus Kit to be used with the SelectNA™plus instrument


Fully Automated Microbial DNA Extraction:

The SelectNA™plus robotic system is the walk-away solution for enrichment and isolation of microbial DNA. The contained environment in the instrument is ideal to minimize the contamination risk from air-borne sources and handling errors. 

The robot is operated with the MolYsis-SelectNA™plus kit and validated for 1 ml fluid samples, swabs and tissue biopsies. The process is based on an innovative vacuum-driven protocol for host DNA depletion and pathogen enrichment followed by microbial DNA isolation providing an optimal solution for e.g. low load samples with only small amounts of microbial DNA. The isolated DNA can be used with any molecular assay for the analysis of bacterial or fungal genes, genomes or metagenomes.

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Characters and benefits:

  • Innovative walk-away pathogen DNA extraction
  • Host-DNA-depletion technology
  • DNA-free consumables and reagents
  • Vacuum-driven system
  • UV decontamination
  • Validated for primary sterile body fluids, swabs and tissues
  • Bench-top instrument
  • Flexible: 1 to 12 samples at a time

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SelectNA™plus robot
Instrument for fully automated microbial DNA extraction
Kit for fully automated enrichment and isolation of microbial DNA for body fluids, tissues and swabs
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