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Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep

The Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep is the perfect kit for ultra-sensitive identification of a broad range of bacteria and fungi from a variety of sample types. DNA extraction is supplied for whole blood, primary body fluids, including CSF and synovial fluid, BAL, exudates like sputum and urine, human and animal tissues, biopsies, and biofilms. As an important character the Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep enables detecting and identifying microorganisms that are intact but not growing in culture.

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Characteristics and benefits:

  • Isolation of enriched microbiome DNA (bacteria & fungi)
  • Depletion of irrelevant human/animal and “free” microbial DNA
  • DNA-free reagents and plastics enabling contamination-free, ultra-deep microbiome bioanalyses
  • Small and large volumes: 0.2 to 10 ml liquid samples and tissues

The Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep Kit is the ultimate solution combining protocols for the depletion of human/animal host DNA and extraction of enriched microbial DNA. The Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep allows for significantly deeper sequencing compared to conventional DNA isolation and all reagents, plastics and spin columns provided are free of contaminations.

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Order information:

Order No.
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Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep
Host DNA depletion and microbial DNA isolation from 0.2-1 ml liquid sample or 0.25cm² tissue sample
25 reactions
50 reactions
Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep10
Host DNA depletion and microbial DNA isolation from 1-10 ml liquid sample or 0.25cm² tissue sample
25 reactions
50 reactions

Download section:

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 Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep Product Flyer (English)  V 1.1.2015
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 Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep Manual (English)  V07
 Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep Short Manual (English)  V05
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 Ultra-Deep Microbiome Prep10 Short Manual (English)  V05
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 Open list of microorganisms found in clinical and other specimens by sequencing  March 2023


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